Africa! “a continent carved out of glory, decked with bronze, embedded with gold, crowned with ivory. A land of bounteous harvest: where the rain wets, and the sunshine nurtures what we sow, the land of lands, the mother of the lands”, Africa the land of the African Sister.

Africa has the most beautiful women in the world today, women with an outstanding kind of beauty. Beauty from within, beauty on the outside, facial beauty, amazing body, the African woman has it all. The whole world stands in awe at the appearance of the African woman.

African women have been outstanding over the years, they have fought so hard to be accepted in the society, past and present, but in the struggle they have lost something called ‘authenticity’. 

One of the challenges that African women struggle with today is the loss of originality. Most of them have lost those virtues that makes them unique, most African sisters have failed to understand that beauty is not acquired at a make-up counter, it lies inward. Family values, morals, self-respect and self-worth are no longer guiding principles.

In a modern society that demands conformity, the African woman is losing her true self, her beauty is fading (literally). The use of fade creams to lighten (bleach) their skin is one of the many results of the loss of identity.

Among African countries, lightening  products are most popular in Nigeria – according to a report, over 75% of Nigerian women use them. Following Nigeria is Togo with 59%. South Africa with 35%, and Mali with 25%. The global concept in the 21st century tends to be dominated by Eurocentric standards which includes having a fair complexion.

Many ladies now have uncharacteristically light skin faces while the rest of their bodies are darker. Some even have scabby burns on their cheeks from the harmful chemicals used to strip the skin of pigmentation.

Local Dermatologists say they are seeing more patients whose skin  has been damaged by years of bleaching – most of the time irreversibly.

Psychologists say there are underlying reasons why people bleach their skin –  but low self-esteem and, to some degree self-hate, are a common thread. Africa has become a continent where black no longer means beautiful.

Dear African sister, there is absolutely nothing wrong in looking radiantly beautiful, but true beauty emanates when you begin to enjoy and celebrate the unique person you are and love the skin you are in!


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