Paths Without Obstacles don’t Lead Anywhere Important

People often find that the only constants in life are problems. Obstacles are 
to be dreaded, leading only to stress, anxiety and self-doubt. At least, that’s 

what we’ve been conditioned to think. 

“What is the differnence between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our 

attitude towards it. Every opportunity has a difficulty and every 

difficulty has an opportunity” 

                                                                        J. Sidlow Baxter

Simply put, the struggles we face offer us path to growth and success. It is a 

counter-intuitive concept to be sure, but it is perhaps the single most 

important concept that any individual looking to progress can learn: how to 

embrace challenges.

Every single problem we have ever encountered that looked like a set back 

would have been an opportunity if it was seen as such. Problems/obstacles 

and opportunities are just difficulties seen with different mindsets.


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