A New World Order: China’s Rise to Power

Talks of a new world order has been going on for a while, though the term has been subject to various interpretations, it primarily refers to a period of dramatic change in world political thought  and balance of power. The United States still remains the world power but with the rise of “the rest,” particularly China, the present structure of the world order will eventually be reconfigured.

The term world power is a more contemporary term for great power. The processes of globalization that characterize the present century means that ‘great’ power needs more than nuclear super power capability. Indeed, it needs to broaden out to more traditional great power attributes of maintaining sufficient diplomatic, economic, and military resources for preserving international order in which world powers presume themselves to be the main actors. A world power needs to promote international order, posses formidable military capability, and must attain transnational competencies that permit interaction with non-state actors, regional forums and the instruments and institutions of global governance.

As a member of the United Nations (UN) security council, the People’s Republic of China belongs to the elite club of recognized world powers. It is involved in more than 1000 international government organisations that deal with issues ranging from drug trafficking to the environment; it is an ardent supporter  of the United Nations and International Law.

China is expanding its foothold further into Asia, the Middle-East, Australia and especially Africa. Chinese engagement in Africa is primarily concerned with natural resource extraction, infrastructure development, and manufacturing. U.S engagement, in contrast, concentrates on higher-technology trades and services, as well as on aid policies aimed at promoting democracy, good governance, and human development. While the United States and China may not be strategic rivals in Africa, the two countries could inreasingly  compete commercially if American businesses become more engaged in African Markets.

China has rapidly ascended the economic ladder and it is now the world’s second largest. With no. 1 shrinking, the International Monetary Fund says that in this year 2016, China will be the world’s largest economy. They have well over 1 Terawatt of generation and are planning to be at 2 TWs by mid-century, fuelled by at least 400 nuclear reactors, 200 gas plants, 400GW of hydro and more renewables than everyone else.

China now has the largest manufacturing base in the world, including super large forges. China is only the third country to put a man in space and to fly a spacecraft around the moon. China is planning an orbiting space station, and will soon land a robotic sampler on the lunar surface. China certainly has one of the top cyber-intelligence agencies.

China announced in February 5, that it will raise its defense spending by 7.6% this year. Though its lowest increase in six years, spending is twice that of Russia, and second only to the United States. Unlike the Cold War with the Soviet Union, this new world order places China and the United States more as competitors than enemies, vying for world influence and economic supremacy rather than military conflict. But military parity is what China knows is required to contend with this particular competitors.


Football is another aspect the Chinese government has made clear its intentions to dominate. With the country’s recent investment in football, China, is morphing into sometching we have never seen before. Billions of dollars have been ploughed into the Chinese game in recent years, most notably in form of high-profile marquee signings in its progfesional league. In just 10 months , and at a cost of $185 million dollars, real estate company Evergrande turned an area of rural Southern China into a ‘football factory’, lol, the biggest football school in the world.


“Sitting proudly outside the front gates of the school is a 40-foot tall replica FIFA World Cup trophy-a daily reminder of the ultimate goal.”

As the new century unfolds, in all probability so will China’s prospects unfold as a world power, if it remains on the path it is on. There is no doubt we have entered into a season of Chinese supremacy.


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