I can’t imagine myself in the future, say, being married with kids, in the same way I can imagine myself petting a unicorn and frolicking amongst fairies in Atlantis. When I do try to imagine what my life might be like down the road, none of it seems plausible or realistic to me, even though these imagined situations and events are more or less the norm for the average person. The point is, “where do you see yourself in X amount of years?” Is probably the most difficult question someone could ask me.

There are just so many people who want to be valued for the effort they put in their work. It is no wonder that many men and women, irrespective of their backgrounds, education or location, seek personal fulfilment.they feel as if they’re adrift in the world. They work hard but don’t seem to get anywhere worthwhile, Everyone has his/her perspective of the future, a future that comes with fulfilment.  Its all down to goals. Would you set out on a major journey with no real idea of destination? Probably not!

So, if you’re like me, pondering the things that matter most in these days of global uncertainty, take a look at your goals. It’s a fact that goals, written down have far more potential for fulfilment than goals left within the head or even hidden within the heart.

Randy Pope suggests the word/acrostic S-M-A-R-T in goal setting.

S – Specific. Well written goals specifically state what you desire to accomplish

M – Measurable. Goals needs to have some kind of measuring device to determine whether you’re on track or not

A – Attainable. Set your goals in a manner that you can attain some small victories along the way to a larger win

R – Realistic. This is the “reality therapy” of goal setting, i.e having challenging goals but making them realistic in your own life context.

T – Time-dated. Using a calendar and a clock in helping to achieve new goals are great motivators!

You’re busy. It seems everyone is these days, some of us busy doing nothing. But are you really working towards those big dreams you have? If no, it is never too late to set goals. It is really a SMART thing to do.


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